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2 months already?
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Shane's Virtual Playground

2 months already?


One of my favorite outfits.  Don't I look cute?


My mommy!  I love you mom!


I'm wearing my favorite baseball team, Anaheim Angels' uniform.  Go Angels!

Wow, I'm already 2 months old!  Can you believe it?  Now, I weigh about 14 lbs and 24 inches long.  My doctor told me I am in about 80 percentile as far as the size goes.  Everyone says I'm a big baby.  I want to be bigger than my dad someday.  I can almost support my neck by myself now.  I can definitely see and hear almost everything.  I can punch and kick, too.  Oh!  I gotta tell you how much I enjoy riding in a car.  I love the sound of engine and the movement.  Daddy and mommy take me to shopping and restaurant once in a while now.  I love it!  Sometimes, I cry on purpose so that they would drive me somewhere.  Daddy, let's go for a drive!